Passenger transport

In accordance with the decree of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 27, 2008 № 11-p on alienation of property “NC” KTZ “and open joint-stock company” Remvagon “28 February 2008 signed contracts for the purchase and sale of wagons number 399 – AO and № 400-AO with LLP Transcom LLP and Hercules Trans. In accordance with the agreements of JSC “NC” KTZ “must pass LLP Transcom to June 2009 3,563 freight cars (including 700 cement-hopper, 691-Pellet hopper, 2172 gondola), LLP Hercules Trans – 3077 open wagons.

In view of the restored car repairs and routine kinds dolgoprostaivayuschih wagons passed LLP Bogatyr Trans LLP and Transcom dolgoprostaivayuschih car park as at 1 October 2009 is 18,868 units.

Passenger transport carries JSC Passenger “, consisting of three regional passenger branches: Almaty, West and Akmola; seven regional branches of car: LVCHD Astana, Almaty, Kyzyl-Orda, Kostanai, Karaganda, Aktobe, Pavlodar, Almaty plant to repair passenger cars” AVZ and specialized branches: Regional transportation, luggage transportation, Vagrest. Electronic commerce

The rolling stock of passenger management as of October 1, 2009 amounts to 2,145 cars, of which the operational fleet – 1504 cars. Passenger services are provided by 303 stations, of which 269 carry out the sale of tickets.

The list of services provided by enterprises of passenger transport, include the implementation of luggage transportation throughout the republic. Luggage taken on 68 stations, where there are storage and sorting facilities. As part of passenger trains ply mail cars Kazpost.JSC “Passenger” independently exercise equipment for passenger cars (bed linen, coal, water, tea, sugar), provides laundry services and passenger service in the restaurant car.

Regional coaches affiliates produce maintenance (cleaning, washing), inspection and repair of passenger cars. Most of them perform depot maintenance. Major repairs are made and serial Almaty Car Repair Plant, Kyzylorda passenger cars branch, as well as AO-Yrysty AEVRZ.

The transformation of the Republican State Enterprise “Kazakhstan Temir Joly” in “NC” KTZ “, implemented in accordance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 15 March 2007 № 310, marked the completion of the first phase, which allows to draw some conclusions industry reform. Social infrastructure – schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, maintenance costs are reimbursed by shippers for many years through rate, is almost completely transferred to local executive bodies and are financed from the state budget, part of which taxes are paid by the railway companies.

All child state-owned enterprises engaged in providing support activities (Remput “,” Jol zhondeushi “,” Temirzhol zhendeu – repair road, “Remlokomotiv” and “Zheldorremmash” – repair of locomotives, “Remvagon – wagon repair,” Zheldorvodoteplosnabzhenie “- to provide businesses with water and heat, Transtelecom – to provide services to telephone and telegraph lines, railway paramilitary guards” and others) were isolated into separate legal entities – public companies that gave them the opportunity to apply in its operations more flexible, market mechanisms, while maintaining control on the part of “NC” KTZ “, which owns shares.

To enhance the competitive service sector in rolling stock repair and towing trains were created producer cooperatives and limited partnerships in estate-based branch of JSC “NC” KTZh “and joint stock companies:” Remlokomotiv “,” Remvagon “,” Zheldorremmash “and” Passenger .

After analyzing the specialization of repair organizations for further development of competition in the repair of rolling stock in late 2008, conducted activities on creation of joint-stock company “Zheldorremmash” joint stock companies and limited liability partnerships on the basis of property locomotive depot, located at stations Shalkar, Oral, Zhambyl, Agadyr , Kusmuryn, Pavlodar, Shu, and Kazaly Atbasar; creation of a joint stock company “Remlokomotiv” limited liability partnerships on the basis of property locomotive depot, located at the stations of Makati, protection, Zhambyl, Kostanay Sekseul, Arys, Astana, Ayagoz, Aktobe, Karaganda; creation of joint-stock company “Remvagon” limited partnerships based on assets car-repair depots, located at stations Akzhayik, Protection, Zhambyl, Pavlodar, Karaganda, Shymkent and Ekibastuz.

Thereby there created the conditions for the development of market relations in the repair area, while supplying all the services of “NC” KTZ “carries on a competitive basis. This allowed us to develop competition among enterprises providing activities, which generally gave lower costs to acquire their services.