It is for sure that knowledge is the most precious resource for any and every organization and human beings are the sole custodian of this resource and this combination creates sustainable competitive advantage for the organization on long term basis. The concept of quality circle as implemented in Production/operations management has been focused in order to replicate the same with reference to counter the knowledge based problems and issues in an organization as normally it is not so mechanically focused and this negligence cost a lot, in terms of unseen losses, to organizations round the globe.

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The training and development department of ABC Company (pvt.) Ltd works under the close supervision and control of Director Training and Development who is solely responsible to cater all the prevailing and forthcoming requirements pertaining to training for the organization.

Director training is well subordinated by a team headed by Manager Training and development, four professional trainers (project management, communication skills, general management skills, software) and support staff of six personnel.

Training manuals are prepared, kept updated, and reviewed after defined intervals under the close supervision of Director Training who is assisted by an experienced technical writer. The retention period of every section of every manual is detailed in Document control list.

For details: refer procedure KLM/PR/001
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The sole purpose of this procedure is to cater all the training requirements of entire organization in accordance with applicable national/international standards (if any).


This procedure covers all activities, initiatives and records pertaining to the Training and Development Department of ABC Company (pvt.) Ltd.


Director Training is solely responsible to carry out the activity of training and development in compliance with this procedure. In the absence of director training, Manager training is the person responsible to act in accordance with the same.


Training Need Assessment

1.Manager training (MTD) is responsible to conduct the training need assessment of all the knowledge workers across whole organization covering each and every department and maintain the records.
2.MTD prepares and maintains Master list (MNO/YY/LLL) of all departments, including their knowledge workers with respect to their job responsibilities and knowledge domain.
3 MTD prepares training assessment plan (KLM/NN/BBB) on six monthly bases and performs the individual training need assessment of all knowledge workers as captioned in Master list and discuss with Director Training and Development.
4. MTD maintains the individual need assessment in the personal file of every knowledge worker. Assessment and Approval of Training Vendors
5 Manager training and development (MTD) keeps in touch with all reputed training houses cross country to cater the upcoming organizational needs, in case of resource person is not available in-house
6 MTD prepares vendor master list (OPO/GG/DD) and enlist all the training vendors and keeps the list updated in case of addition/elimination of any vendor.
7 MTD sends vendor assessment form (FGF/KK/DG) to all the training organizations and receives them back.
8 MTD maintains approved vendor list (MMM/GG/VV) and send acknowledgement letters to all approved vendors.
9 MTD categorizes all the vendors according to their areas of specialization.
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1.0 Assistant training and development (ATD) contacts all the departmental heads, in advance of one week, and inform them of the upcoming survey regarding training needs assessment of all the knowledge workers in their respective departments.
2.0 ATD sends the Master list (MNO/YY/LLL) to all the departmental heads three days before the survey for cross verification and confirmation.
3.0 ATD receives the signed copy of Master list and keeps it in separate file named “Approved Master List for first half ranging Jan-June 2— “
4.0 ATD sends the training assessment plan (KLM/NN/BBB) to all the departmental heads to ensure the availability of all knowledge workers in the department at the time of survey.
5.0 ATD performs the survey on individual basis in every department and does not disclose the findings with the departmental heads and keep them confidential.
6.0 ATD prepares comprehensive report titled “Need assessment survey for first half ranging Jan-June 27.0 ATD submits the report to Manager training and development and discuss in detail
8.0 ATD secures verification signature on every individual assessment and maintains the personal file of all knowledge workers.

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