The study looked at the relationship between entrepreneurship training and small business operators performances in Enugu State. The paper finds that entrepreneurship training has significant effect on the business operators performances and also on their income. The result showed that lack of access to financing was the major constraint of small enterprises. Understanding the relationship between entrepreneurial training and business performances is very significant so as to justify the introduction of informal entrepreneurship education by CEDR,UNN for small business operators. The training is very important as it bridged the gap between the town and gown.

The entrepreneurial knowledge and skills through the exposure to entrepreneurship training is a very good way of equipping the business operators to be able to perform better in their businesses and be able to employ others. By so doing poverty and unemployment is being reduced in our country.

Based on these, it was recommended that other institutions of higher learning should emulate CEDR, UNN and begin to train the small business operators in their area. Government should equip the centres for these training so that entrepreneurs can practice what they have been taught. Government should establish more centres of entrepreneurship for all higher institutions to train business operators in their area without requiring for any academic qualification. The trained entrepreneurs should be given loan by government for them to expand their business and be able to employ others. There should be an awareness campaign through the television, daily newspapers, seminar and workshop in order to create the awareness of entrepreneurship and encourage small business operators to acquire training in entrepreneurship as this is the way forward for better performances in their businesses.

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